Hi, I’m Ulises Mendicutty, an illustrator and art director currently based in Barcelona. I like to participate in many different projects so my drawings can be found in magazines, books, advertising campaigns, exhibitions, murals, videos and many more.
Email me, I would love to participate in your projects > umendicutty@gmail.com

GOOGLE / The Guardian / Adobe / Vice / Penguin Random House / Universal Music / Topo Chico / Canva / Rakuten /  El País / Vips /  Wok To Walk / Kiblind / Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona / Panenka / Food & Wine /  SCPF / Slanted Publishers / Myself Magazine …

I have a project with my family called Te Quiero Mucho where we make our passion for illustration come true by giving a space entirely dedicated to it, you can visit it in the following link or come to Barcelona to say Hola :) . If you want to see more of my drawings, my processes and some of my adventures follow me on Instagram.
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