Here are some of the illustrations I have done for The Guardian over the last year. I have the good fortune to collaborate with them on a regular basis and the experience has made me grow a lot as an illustrator. I share with you the work process I have with them because I think it's enriching to see how an idea becomes a drawing. I hope you like them!

-- Gone in seconds: rising text message scams are draining US bank accounts --

-- The apps fighting food waste by saving restaurant meals from the trash --

-- South Korea has almost zero food waste. Here’s what the US can learn --

-- Wasted food, hungry Americans – is donating surplus produce a solution? --

-- How to reduce food waste at home: separate your apples and repurpose your leftovers --

-- Black women say goodbye to the job and hello to their own businesses--

-- Is Florida running out of orange juice? Record prices put the squeeze on consumers --

-- As crime-solving goes hi-tech, public defenders scramble to keep up --

-- Can a trillion-dollar coin end the US debt-ceiling standoff? --

-- How the pandemic created a new generation of stoners --

-- America’s rush to normalcy has robbed us of the time to grieve our Covid dead --

Thank you!
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